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His Game (2022)  

His Obsession Trilogy Book 1

She tries to escape. She tries to reason with me. And then she tries to change the rules. But this is my game, and I won’t be played. I own her now…


Three years ago, I let down my guard, and I paid the ultimate price when the woman I loved was murdered right in front of my eyes.

I have a chance to make it right. To earn back the respect of my father and my place in the family as the underboss. A way to finally take my revenge on the bastard who took her away…

By stealing his fiancé.

Veda is a means to an end, a weakness I can’t afford to have, and I’m obsessed with having her.

If I was a decent man, I would let her go.

But I am not that kind of man.

TW- Dubious Consent, blood play, knife play, bully behavior, obsessive behavior, kidnapping.

HisGame-Final Cover.jpeg

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His Stakes (2022)

His Obsession Trilogy Book 2

I knew this game I played might cost me my life.

But I never thought it would cost me my heart.

Until Veda Calbert came into my world.


Granted, I dragged her here kicking and screaming. Took her from her home to be a pawn in my revenge. I swore she would never be anything else to me. But somewhere along the way, she crawled under my skin.

And now, damaged by the time spent with my brother, both physically and mentally, Veda is determined to hate me. And I deserve it.

But I won’t accept it.


The rules may have changed, but I haven’t lost yet.

Because I’m not just giving in to my obsession.

I’m raising the stakes.

TW- See above for His Game

HisStakes-Final Cover.jpeg

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His Win (2022)

His Obsession Trilogy Book 3

The cards are on the table, and I’m betting it all. This piece of the game is the biggest risk I’ve ever taken. But I can’t lose, not when I’m so close to getting her back.


Turned by my brother, Veda betrayed me, and my honor demands I take her life. But killing Veda would be like ripping my own soul from my body, and so I gave her a chance to run, and she took it.

Having a taste of freedom has only renewed Veda’s determination to hate me. However, she can’t deny the dark desire that draws us together, and I’m not above using that to my advantage.


The pieces are in place to have everything I want—my rightful place in the business and Veda back in my bed—and it’s time I make my move. This time, I will make her an offer she can’t refuse.


Because I’m playing to win.

TW- See above for His Game

HisWin-Final Cover.jpeg

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Be With Me (2022)

A Stand Alone Novel 

I'm not her knight in shining armor. I'm her downfall. She just doesn't know it yet.

When I'm not in school, I make extra cash working as a model.
My favorite photographer to work with?
Ailee Walsh.
And not just because she's so sexy she should be in the shots with me.
Although that reason is definitely up there.
With her dark hair and white skin, Ailee reminds me of a princess.
The woman makes my head swim and my stomach tangle up in ropes.
Not to mention what she does to other parts of me…
The last time I saw her, she was married. So I did my job and left.
However, I never stopped thinking about her. Not once.
Now, a year later, the ring on her finger is gone.
There's nothing stopping me from going after what I want.
Not even the destructive road my life is on…

Being with Ailee would be like a fairytale.
Too bad I'm no fucking prince.

1Lisa-Bewithme copy.jpeg

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His Promise (2022)

His Possession Trilogy Book 1

In my world, good guys don’t exist. There are only villains, monsters, and me. I’m the thing the monsters fear.


Every mafia boss needs a guy who’ll fight dirty and do whatever is asked of him, no matter how brutal.

I’m that guy.

Morally gray doesn’t begin to describe me. I feel nothing. Love no one. And that’s how I like it.

Until her.


Serafina Cordero is the runaway mafia princess I’ve been ordered to find and return to her sadistic father. He wants to force her into an arranged marriage. I shouldn’t care.

But I do.

Because the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she would be mine. It doesn’t matter that it’s forbidden, or that she’s a virgin as innocent as I am dark and depraved.


For once in my life, I’m not following orders. I’m keeping Sera.

And if anyone tries to take her from me, I can promise them one thing.

They won’t live long enough to regret it…

TW- Dubious Consent, Bullying Behavior


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His Rejection (2023)

His Possession Trilogy Book 2

I’m not a hero. I’ll never be that guy. No matter how much she makes me wish I could…


My life isn’t truly mine.

Working for the mafia means my loyalty is to the family. Love and marriage aren’t for me.

I can’t be what Serafina needs. What she deserves.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting her. From taking her.

From possessing her.

She’s the only comfort I’ve known for years.  My light in the dark.

And it doesn’t matter.

Because keeping her would mean rejecting everything else. I can’t do that.  

So, I’ll rescue her from the walking dead man who thought he could take her from me.

But there’s nothing I can do to protect her from the monster that’s about to destroy her.



TW-Human Trafficking, Rape, NonCon, etc etc


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His proposal (2023)

His Possession Trilogy Book 3

I may be a monster, but I always get what I want.


Letting Serafina go was a mistake. Maybe the biggest I’ve ever made.

Too bad I didn’t realize it until she was forced into an arranged marriage with my worst enemy.

I’ve always done whatever the mafia asked of me. Gave up everything I loved in the process.

But I won’t do it this time.

Because even though she hates me for betraying her, I’ll make her love me again—even if I have to wage a brutal war in her name. Hell, I’ll burn my life to the ground and let her bathe in the ashes if that’s what she wants.


In the end, Sera will be my wife.

And God have mercy on our enemies, because I sure as hell won’t…

TW- Talk of past thoughts of suicide, dubcon


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