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His Game Release Update

So you may have noticed that His Game, book 1 of the His Obsession trilogy, did not go live in January as planned. I tried, I really did, but some things came up that postponed the release until April 14, 2022.


The book is done and has been for a while. As a matter of fact, His Stakes, book 2 of the trilogy is also finished and just waiting on my editor, and I'm working on book 3. So why isn't it out yet? I have three very good reasons...

  1. Because this trilogy is my debut for my dark romance pen name, I want it to be as perfect as I can make it, and that took me a little more time and a few more beta readers than I had originally planned for His Game. And that leads me into reason number two.

  2. I found an awesome new editor who specializes in this genre, and to be able to book her, I had to push the dates back to when she was available.

  3. I hired a PR company to help me do all the things to prepare for this release, which saved me a lot of time. Time that I could use to write. However, in order for them to earn their money, they need to have time to prepare for the release, which meant I had to push the dates back.

And because I want to release all three books within a few weeks of each other, know...cliffhangers, I pushed back the release dates. So, the new release dates are:

His Game (His Obsession Trilogy Book 1): April 14, 2022

His Stakes (His Obsession Trilogy Book 2): May 5, 2022

His Win (His Obsession Trilogy Book 3): May 26, 2022

It's killing me to wait this long. I'm so nervous and excited to hear what you guys think, but April will be here before we know it! And to everyone who's already preordered, thank you so much for your patience!



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