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Dark and Delicious Romance

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His Proposal

His Possession Trilogy Book 3

I may be a monster, but I always get what I want.


Letting Serafina go was a mistake. Maybe the biggest I’ve ever made.


Too bad I didn’t realize it until she was forced into an arranged marriage with my worst enemy.


I’ve always done whatever the mafia asked of me. Gave up everything I loved in the process.


But I won’t do it this time.


Because even though she hates me for betraying her, I’ll make her love me again—even if I have to wage a brutal war in her name. Hell, I’ll burn my life to the ground and let her bathe in the ashes if that’s what she wants.


In the end, Sera will be my wife.


And God have mercy on our enemies, because I sure as hell won’t…

TW-DubCon, Violence


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I devoured this book in one sitting...

Goodreads Review


Heart pounding intense, fast pace and super steamy with rough non con dirty smegsi, this book is perfectly dark ish for me. Love it!

Goodreads Review

Angel Rayne's His Possession trilogy is a must read for anyone who loves dark mafia romances.

Amazon Review

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About Angel Rayne

Hi! My name is Angel Rayne and I write dark, delicious romance with antiheroes who would burn down the world to save the woman they love.

I never understood why the villains never win the girl, and so I decided to write them their own love stories where they do.

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